fresh ideas

for your wedding

the unity ceremony...candle, sand, or other options

The unity ceremony takes place during the wedding ceremony. The traditional method is a candle lighting ceremony. Two separate candles are lit by each couples' family. The bride and groom use the candles to light the center candle, which signifies the joining of their two separate individuals and becoming one.

Although the standard unity ceremony is a candle, some ceremony venues do not allow candles to be lit. Other times, your location, such as an outdoor venue, does not lend itself to lighting candles, as they could be blown out form the wind. Therefore, consider other options for the unity ceremony, such as colored sand. Colored sand can be combined in decorative vases that can be kept in a central location in your new home.

If you are open to other unity ceremony options, consider a rope braiding or locking ceremony. And, don't forget about music...some light harp music in the background will be lovely as your guests watch your unity ceremony.